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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Call and Answer

Hi Everyone!
I'm starting this pre-mish because why not? I've been waiting, praying, hoping, and waiting even more for the Lord's plan to move forward for me. And now the day is here! Well, not quite.
What I mean is that my call has been assigned, officially, as of today!

I got a phone call this afternoon from my incredible mother that she had just talked to the Bishop and he said the status on my papers had changed from "Processing" to "Call Assigned." However, she started crying during conversation, before she told me this, so I thought someone had died. This was much better :)

Can we just take a moment to realize how truly incredible the mission call process is? I'm not going to go into too much detail, because I'm no expert, but here's the basics.
1. You do your part, decide to serve, talk to your parents (who have direct authority over you).
2. You talk to your bishop (your presiding Priesthood authority in your ward family) and he passes you on to the
3. Stake President. Now we're getting into the upper keys of the Priesthood. You sit down and talk with him, and he clears you to go. Now he's in charge of you and the entire stake, but he sits down and takes the time to make sure you are worthy to be a servant of the Lord. He's the one who eventually sends in your papers.
4. Your papers go to a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. How incredible is that?!? You are individually considered by one of the Lord's chosen servants who are in charge of the entire church. They look at your picture, read your information, and through the Lord, they assign you to where you need to go.
5. Finally, your papers and assigned call go to the Prophet. The President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints reviews every single mission call. By this time next week, President Monson will have seen MY face and approved my call individually. The signature at the end of the letter I will recieve is not a copy.

The Lord knows each of His children, and He has made sure that His mouthpieces on the Earth also know who you are. He takes special care to make sure no one is sent somewhere they shouldn't be. Every mission call is from the Lord. He knows where you should be, and where you personally will be the most effective instrument in His hands. Just trust Him, and everything will work out!! Even if I end up going to Provo, I will be serving where the Lord wants me.

To those starting their papers--I can tell you right now it's going to get a LOT harder from here on out. TRUST ME. This week, until today, has been HORRENDOUS. The adversary is going to be working overtime to get you to slip. Don't give up, and try your hardest to not get discouraged. Try to get to the temple often. Feast on the words of Christ. Trust in Him and know that He is always there. Pour out your heart in prayer--your Heavenly Father hears you and is mindful of your needs. He will give you the experiences you need to grow and become the person you eventually want to be.  (That isn't just for those thinking about going on a mission!) He will help you bear your loads. He won't necessarily take them away, but you never have to bear them alone. Put your trust in Him.
Love you!

Also. Guesses are accepted at this point. I refuse to guess because I am a horrible guesser. Always have, always will be. Deposit them here or email ( or text or Facebook.

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