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Monday, December 2, 2013

Holy Cow! It's December!

Holy cow, it's December! That's hard to believe. Sorry this will be a shorter letter, I only have about 10 minutes to write it.

Thanksgiving was good this week; we went to a member's sister's house and ate. It was weird not being home for thanksgiving but then we left and went to work on our bishop's house for the rest of the day and the whole day after that, so I was a bit too tired to think about it after that. We're helping paint and clean throughout this week, so they can be in by Saturday, so that they can be in when their fifth child is born the week after! They're a crazy fun loving family who I love dearly. 
I don't know if I told you last week, but we found an amazing new investigator, K. She was seriously an answer to prayers and continues to be so. I'm going to put some of my letter to President in from this week and last--as of right now it looks like we're going to have a white christmas! (Not snow...:) )
"There were so many little miracles this week, along with the big miracle of our newest investigator, K. She was a media referral and while not counting my chickens before they hatch, she is seriously golden. We've seen her 3 times this week and she's been reading and she came to church with her sons, who are also interested in the church. We have never seen someone so solid so quickly. It's cool, though because that morning we had been discussing discouragement and talking about each of our investigators, when I sort of exasperatedly asked if we could just find one person who was honestly seeking the truth and willing to act on it. And what happens that day? K clicks on a link on and asks for a missionary visit. We meet her. We commit her to baptism. And all she wants is God's true church. So I think Heavenly Father just got sick of me complaining and was like "Here! Now be grateful, it's almost thanksgiving!" I really need to work on not complaining."
"The investigator I told you about last week just gets better and better--all of her children want to be baptized as well. A conversation we had on Saturday really showed me how the Lord prepares people to recieve the gospel. K said that she had seen or at least contacted the sisters in Nachitoches (I have no idea if that's spelled right) a while back, and they had piqued her interest, but lost contact until she 2 weeks ago. She realized, during the lesson, that the Lord knew her and her needs, and that this really was the right thing for her to be doing. She seriously is an answer to our prayers in every possible way. She's a beacon of hope when all of our other investigators seem to be faltering. Her little family is my reason for joy this Christmas season. And I think I understand a little more the verses in D&C 18--"And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!" That joy is more than happiness. It's a light that fills your whole soul and makes you want to work a lot harder to find that joy again. I am so grateful to the Lord for giving us that miracle. Every time we teach them, I know a little better how much Heavenly Father loves His children."
This work is true. It's amazing. And I have seen the truth of it touch others lives. I really do feel JOY at this time of the year--moreso since I've been out on my mission. I would like to challenge all of you to find out what joy really means. go to the scriptures. It's in there. Joy is so much more than happiness. It's enduring.

Finally, one little thought:
It's Christmastime, one of the best times of year to give and receive hope. When the nights outside get longer, darker , and colder, people turn inside to find the Light of Christ--the light that shortens any night, casts out any darkness and warms any soul. For He is the light we find when we look within. By bringing that light out, through smiling, through singing, and through serving, it brings a little more hope and a little more happiness to a world that is so very dark. It's all the little things that bring hope, both to others and myself.
Love you!!!
Sister Steele

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