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Friday, December 27, 2013

A "White" Christmas

Actually, I keep forgetting about Christmas. I did it with thanksgiving, too. But really, my whole world has been so focused on the 21st of December that it feels like my Christmas has already come and gone, because the biggest miracle of my entire mission was Saturday and Sunday. Taking from my letter to president:
"A month ago, we had met our investigator K. We committed her to baptism on the 21st of December. Two days ago, she and her two sons were baptized, as well as the Elders' investigator B. We had fasted and prayed for a white Christmas, and here we are, on December 21st, with an amazing array of white. It was a really sweet and special experience for me. I think it was made even better because the baptismal service was a joint effort; it wasn't just one companionship's investigators, it was both of us."
I had been really frazzled this week--we had been doing service and I was focused on Saturday and our bishop's wife was supposed to have her baby on Friday (which she did and we saw her and it was super hard not to hold that adorable newborn. The one time I was not fond of mission rules.) So we were running from place to place trying to be everywhere everyone needed us at once. I was pretending to be calm but the only one I seemed to be fooling was myself :) But on Wednesday I got a really sweet blessing from our district leader, and it really calmed me down. Then Saturday came around and I was stressed up until the point of the actual ordinances, and then the Spirit was so strong I almost started crying. It was super powerful.
Oh yeah! Another reason I was frazzled was because the Christmas program was yesterday and I was pretty much in charge of it with one of the members. Really, it was "The Missionaries and the second counselor of the stake presidency put on Christmas!" But it turned out pretty well.
Other than that, we worked, cleaned, painted, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned....but we got our bishop's house done and they are moved in. Finally. Sheesh, that house has been going for about 2 years, and when we got there they didn't have any walls. It is a 19 room house, and I helped paint 9 rooms and singlehandedly painted 4.
This is going to be a pretty short letter, because I'm seeing y'all on Wednesday at 11:30. But if the Elders get back in time, I will upload pictures from the baptism and send them out. 
Sister Steele Out!

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