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Monday, March 17, 2014

Here we are again...

March 4, 2014
Well, you've now seen what I spent my weekend doing. Clearing out a bayou. Brings back all these memories of when it was so hot I was drowning in my sweat and trying to figure out what exactly I signed up for. Except this time I was one of the only ones who was actually in the zone for the cemetery project and so I felt kind of old.
Start transfer 6! This is kind of crazy. Also I am still in Vidalia, at least for one more transfer anyways. Not a ton to report this week, again, because we were practicing and we went to the temple and did service in Alexandria on Saturday.
Lots of little miracles though:
When we try and get people to go to the temple, Satan really does not want them to go and so that means that things tend to fall apart and then only get better right in the nick of time. Cue this temple trip. Everything was good to go Sunday evening--rides were set, everyone had their temple reccommends and were plenty excited. We had budgeted exactly 300 miles in our monthly mile allotment so that we could go down before and do a session.
Come monday, and the member that was going to take the W family down ended up in the ICU with a severe gallbladder infection.
Okay....weird. We'll find them another ride, or their car will start working again.
Wednesday: W family car not working, boys didn't come to YM because of it, and so they didn't get to put their family names into familysearch so they have to do temple names.
Also, Sister T comes down with scabies. Yuck.
Also, B comes down with...spray paint poisoning. I didn't even know that was a thing. But so it is.
Thursday: Still no ride for the W family. Scrambling. It's going to be a natchez ward temple trip with no natchez members!
Thursday evening at 8:30 PM: Bishop steps in and is taking the W family. A miracle occured and Sister T's treatment for scabies worked so she is no longer itchy or contagious. They can all go. And unfortunately, B could not go. So rides and getting down was good.
Friday: Almost hit a vulture going down to Baton Rouge on the freeway.
We get to do a session and it is fantastic. Then we go get dinner and come back one is at the temple except for Brother M, who was one of the priesthood who set up the whole trip.
After some frantic calling, everyone finally got down and were able to do baptisms. It was a miracle in and of itself. We had exactly enough priesthood holders to man all the required duties.
So that part was done...but we weren't done yet! We and the Elders had to get to Alexandria before 10:30, so we could stay the night and not lose our driving priveleges. it's a 2 hr 15 minute drive, so we head out on time....only to find out that the road we needed to take to get to the freeway was closed. So we go...and the whole time I'm praying we get in by 10:30.
So we turned off the car in the driveway at....10:29.
Remember how I said we budgeted 300 miles for the trip? And it was the end of the month so those were the only 300 miles we had? We couldn't go over?
We used 299.6.

So that was the temple trip. On thursday, before, we went in and were going to try and see if we could get on to play at the Natchez Grand hotel, as previously discussed. Well, the manager wasn't content with just letting us play background music...he wants us for a few bigger venues as well and now is going to help us find other places to play too!! I pretty much had to on-the-spot unplanned audition for the whole group with the only song I still have memorized--the solfeggietto in c minor by cpe bach. I was kind of freaking out but apparently they couldn't hear how badly I botched it because they were excited. So we'll see where that goes!
Hope y'all had an awesome week!!
Love you!
Sister Steele


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