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Monday, March 24, 2014

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

I send the most boring emails ever, I know. But my life is about as monotonous as yours, just in a different way.

We hit a bit of a slump this week. We've done a lot of service, and that's really fun (that'll be this week too) but for teaching, it's been really difficult. The investigator we met last week that I thought I told y'all about but apparently didn't was killed in a car accident while I was on exchanges on Thursday. Friday's performance went kind of poorly, but Saturday's was really good! We had a whole bunch of people talk to us, including an 11-year old local who came from apparently a family of 12 brothers and 5 sisters. She wants me to learn a Pocahontas song for next week so I am, since the Disney stuff isn't that hard.
Speaking of Disney, I did get the Frozen soundtrack this weekend and already have the whole thing memorized :)
Aside from that, we did have a pretty cool experience on exchanges. The Pineville district (where our sister training leaders serve) had a goal for each companionship to pass out 10 copies of the Book of Mormon a week, and they had only done 3, so Sister L and I decided we were going to pass out the other 7. We did! In 30 minutes! It was really cool. I normally dislike tracting, but it was a warm day and a different area and all the sudden I had no fear. We joked and decided to go with "no purse or scrip" meaning we left everything in the car except for the books, but had to come back so we could write down the name and number of some people who wanted to hear more. The Lord put us there at exactly the right moment, though because this girl just randomly appears and is walking down the street (seriously if apparation was a thing I would have believed it). The thought popped into my head to talk to everyone, so I just started talking to her and shared a verse from Alma (7:11-12 to be exact). She looked at me and said that her dad had died a few months ago and she had just told her mom the day before that they needed to go back to church. She gratefully accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and sister L got her phone number and they're going to go back and teach her :). It was a miracle!

We also had to speak in church again this week, and our bishop asked us at 9:15 the night before when church starts at 9:30 the next day. Both of our talks were pretty good, though. I was a bit impressed.

That's mostly it for this week. Helping the Elders move tomorrow from their place, and they get a TRUCK! And we have to start mowing lawns again :)

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