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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 27, 2014 Going, going, gone!

May 27, 2014

Yep, I'm getting transferred. It's taken me a while, but I'm leaving good 'ol vidalia for who knows where.
I don't have a ton of time this week, so here are the highlights. I'll update you a little better (hopefully) next week. 
We performed in both Alexandria and Oakdale, which was really fun. The programs both went well and the car rides were some of the most fun I've ever had (note...don't let Elder Virgin have chocolate in the car...he goes crazy)
They were even more fun until we hit a curb and blew out our tire and warped the rim.....awkward. Today has been spent getting it fixed because it figures that happened on memorial day weekend. Seriously, we had a hole in the tire the size of my thumb. Surprisingly, no driving violations on TIWI though. Tender mercy.
Interviews went well--we mostly talked about the area and how President is going to send more musical talent up here to keep it going. Elder Virgin and I are both being transferred so it'll be interesting! 
We took one of the Epling girls with us for a mini-mission for a few days. That was a blast. We got to see a bunch of people and had a lot of fun. our air conditioning went out (of course it would) so I was comfortable but the other two were not so much. It's still out, our landlady is working on getting someone over.
It has been such a crazy 7 transfers, and it's hard to believe I am moving! The way the transfer works (the way we do it isn't very common, it's just how President came up with and it works very well) is that on Monday, President or the Zone Leaders will call whoever is getting transferred and tell them as such. You pack Tuesday and then Wednesday the companionships the transfer is affecting drive to Baton Rouge and we have a transfer meeting where President will announce the area and the missionaries serving there. It's then you find out your companion and your area, then the people going home speak briefly, and then lunch and off you go! So we'll find out tomorrow exactly where I'm going. 
I also turned over 10,000 miles on the fusion yesterday! Not quite as big of an accomplishment as 200,000 but it was a nice milestone :) probably the last time I will drive something with under 10,000 miles.
I don't have too much else to report, so shoot me back with quesitons if you have them! have a good week and we'll see where I am next!
Sister Steele

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