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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

April 28, 2014 I saw my first gator!

April 28, 2014

Not much time, there are four of us and only one computer and I take the least time so I got to go first :) Why is there only one computer?
Happy confederate memorial day.
Who knew, right? Not even the people who live here knew that was a thing, but apparently it is because the library was closed so we're at the church.
This week was a bit of a blur...we went on exchanges, and I saw my first real live wild gator! It was pretty small...but oh so awesome! We spent about an hour and a half with a less-active couple in alexandria looking for it. Exchanges were really good, and yesterday we got to go help a member family move about an hour away from where we are but still in our ward boundaries and thus our area. That's where the mccaw came from. and the lake pictures, no we were not on the lake we just were by it. 
Oh yeah! now that it's official, I can say it: We are touring our zone with the music stuff! We've got 2 performances lined up and another two in progress. It's gonna be AWESOME!
anyways, I might be able to respond in a bit but no bets so sorry this is short!

Sister Steele

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