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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2014

Which is really just an excuse for everyone to party. We need more excuses to party even if it's another country's independence day. But hey, I'll take Mexican food any day :)
Not too much to report this week, I'm actually trying to remember what we did. Mission time sort of blurs together, and especially as we are hurtling towards the end of my time in Vidalia (most likely) it seems like time is going faster and faster. 
Of course, congratulations are in order for Kaitlyn (buahahahahaha) on her college degree! That's pretty exciting and also a little strange :) Now you really are a grownup. 
I guess the coolest thing we did this week was where all the photos came from. I'm just going to share an excerpt from my letter to president this week:
We had a really cool experience this Saturday with a less-active couple who lives an hour away from us (but miraculously still in the middle of our area).
This couple moved to St. Joe about a year ago to take care of her mom who was dying. We had only recently become aware of them (read: November) and had been taking steps to reach out, but the response was always very cold. They didn't really want to be contacted, which was really sad because they had been temple workers in the San Antonio temple for a long time. Our ward mission leader has been trying really hard to even just be friends, but with no luck.
Last Sunday, however, they had emailed him and asked for some help moving things to their lake house, and we and the elders got to go along and help. Well, while we were there we got to not only help but a) I got to hold her pet macaw which was really awesome, I felt like a pirate, and b) we were able to share a brief message which just so happened to be the wife's favorite scripture and the scripture she had joined the church because of. They asked the elders to give them each a blessing because they were about to both undergo some surgery. We parted on friendly terms, and we and the elders had volunteered to come back later this month to help clear some ivy and trees out of their yard.
Cue this week. We were planning on Thursday and our ward mission leader's wife texts us asking if we can go out, again, to St. Joe on Saturday. Apparently the couple were really impressed by the service we were able to give and asked for some more help. So we were able to see this couple twice in less than a week when we had been trying to see them for 6 months! We finished helping them move and pulled up a whole lot of ivy, and really really strengthened our relationship with them. They weren't at church on Sunday but it was really amazing how just a little bit of service (and, admittedly, some cupcakes) could change hearts.
That was really the big thing this week. We perform on the 17th at the Natchitoches ward (which is about 3 hours from where we are) and then again in Alexandria on the 25th. Finally we are saying our last goodbyes (myself and Elder Virgin at least) on the 27th which is the night before transfers, to our ward. We're doing a program called "People of Faith" which is going to be really cool :) I'll attach the program once it gets finished up. 
Hey! We get to see each other this week :) Love y'all and see you Sunday! I was amused because back in December I was thinking "There is no way I will be here for mother's day..." and lo and behold here I am.
Sister Steele

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