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Monday, January 12, 2015

November 10, 2014: A New Companion

I don't have a ton to report this week, since it's a short week for emails. My new companion is Sister Monk, she's a sweetheart from Highland, Utah. She came out with Sister Hoskins, so we get to celebrate her year mark on the 19th at MLC! (The Missionary leadership counsel where I will get to see sis baird and sis hoskins as well)

Hmm.....what happened this week? We got lost a whole lot (that's what happens when it gets dark early and I have to take over the area after a transfer!) So we went through a whole lot of miles :) goodness gracious it's gonna be fun :) But also, we had some really good lessons with some less-active members and our investigator K came to church!!!!! She LOVED it and said she was going to keep coming! She's 19, but a senior in high school, so we have her in Young Women's for now. She really really loves it and has made a ton of friends! The ward has been so good to her (she's been coming to the young women's activities on Wednesday nights, but this was the first time she came to church)!

Tender Mercy of the week: We were on exchanges (I was here in Albany and Sis Monk was in Amite) and I was trying desperately to find someone to see. I had a small prompting to go try and see a less-active member who I hadn't met, but who a previous missionary had asked we stop by. Well, we were going and I was talking, and missed the turn to her house. I was going to keep driving but I decided last minute to turn around and go back. She was home (which she never had been before) and let us in. She said she was having a bad day, but when we asked her if she wanted us to come back, she said that having us here right now would probably help more than anything else. A little later in the conversation, she told us that earlier that day she had been praying that God would show her that He loved her, and if she didn't get an answer that day she was going to throw in the towel on religion. So we showed her a Mormon Message called Mountains to Climb. if anyone is going through a hard time right now, stop what you're doing and go watch that. Not joking in the slightest.

Mountains to Climb

She was crying by the end of it and said that was exactly what she needed to hear. So that was a huge tender mercy for me showing me I can actually be Spirit-Led still!! Sometimes I wonder, haha :)

Um....I can't think of too much else interesting that happened! I tried to see a whole lot of people but lots of people weren't home!

The state was in mourning after the LSU game....except for a few people who were proudly sporting Bama colors. I remained politically neutral in the game. Actually, I forgot that the game was Saturday night, so we tried knocking doors then and...well, that failed miserably.

I love y'all! I hope everything is going well back home and wherever you are (since not all of you are home) Remember to love the Lord and serve Him the best you can, and to stand tall despite the world around you! Feel free to write me a letter...heh...heh...

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Sister Steele :)

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