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Monday, January 12, 2015

12/1/14 "He is the Gift"

Welp. It's December. That's kind of bizzare. 

So you remember last April when the church put out a video called "Because of Him?" 
Well, they've put out another one, called "He is the Gift." Yall should definitely watch it!

I like how it says "Discover the Gift, Embrace the Gift, and Share the Gift." sharing doesn't neccissarily mean sharing on facebook or twitter or whatever's popular nowadays (I really don't know anymore) (but do that too!) but sharing it in real life. How can each of us share the first gift this Christmas?
"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

That's Christmas. That's why I'm out here. That is my why. I realized that this week. Lately, I've been feeling super overwhelmed and trying not to be trunky, and a little bit discouraged because I still don't know this area super well and I should by now. I guess you could say I had lost my purpose, or my motiviation. I call it my why. But yesterday I was studying after church, and I realized how much I LOVED Christmas. I don't love it for the lights, the presents, the decorations. I love it because everyone, myself included are a little more like Christ around this time of year. When the lights get dark outside, when the sun goes down and it gets cold, we have to look inside us to find the light within--the Light of Christ. And yes, while we only observe Christmas in December because of a political decision a LONG time ago, it still fits. We celebrate light. After all, He is the Light and the Life of the world, and we need Him if we're going to make it through the winters of our lives. So this season is all about light. And life :) And I love y'all! 

This thanksgiving was CRAZY! I never want to eat that much food again. We wer eallowed to hang out with the Elders all day, so we started out the day with a good ol' fashioned Turkey Bowl! Yes, I got to play football! It was kind of frustrating (we could only guard/be guarded by girls, so it kind of limited the 

amount we could play)  I thought this one was a decent action shot. It was fun though! 

Then we went on to the food part of the day. The problem is that everyone is such good cooks! And EVERYONE invited us over. We had 3 sit-down meals, they all gave us leftovers. Then we had another few people invite us over and just gave us leftovers, and we stopped by 2 other people just to say hi. Don't worry, we were well taken care of.

Then we all died of food overdose and went back to the church and hung out with the other missionaries again. So it was a good day.

that was our trunk. fortunately only half of it was ours, the other half was the elders. The only other thing in the trunk was our bike rack, so yes that box is full of food.

This week, we get to start caroling, all night, e'ry night. And we have ZTM, (my last one! Crazy!) so we have to work on our instruction there. It's going to be a good week!

Hope your week went just as well :) Miss yall and love yall! Merry Christmas and try to find someone to Share the Gift with!

Sister Steele

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