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Monday, January 12, 2015

12/8/14 That week I dragged 2 districts around caroling and they decided that they liked it after all

That means CAROLING :)

oh yeah hey my district :)

Yeah! So we went caroling a lot this week! It was fun :) People grumbled a lot....but then we got into it and it was great fun :) I love singing, if you didn't know. It brings the Spirit like nothing else.

Um....that was our most eventful event this week! We sang a lot, and next week is transfer week so no email until Tuesday. This is the last time I will have to worry about transfers....weird. Then the week after that is Christmas!

Um. So not too much to report this week. Here's my letter to Presient which pretty much says the same thing :)

"This week has actually been really cool! I think it's been one of the busiest weeks of my mission, for sure. Aside from just the regular grind, we had exchanges with the Hammond sisters, (which is always fun!) and ZTM. I really felt like we were fulfilling our purpose this week! We have been going caroling, both by ourselves and we've combined with the albany elders and Hammond missionaries for a few times throughout the week to give out the "He is the Gift" cards. I LOVE CAROLING. It lets the Spirit testify in a way I know I can't touch people. To me, music has always been the best way to invite the Spirit. By singing (okay, I sing or whistle literally all the time except if I'm asleep or someone's talking to me, hopefully Sister Monk isn't too annoyed with me) because for one thing, it makes me a lot more approachable, and for another, it makes me happy :) Plus, people are always so surprised when we show up at their door singing! It's a Christmas tradition that's been forgotten, especially around here and people are so much more receptive! We have a few potential investigators from caroling and it's only week 1, and I think we've given out like 50 "He is the Gift" cards. I'm fairly certain I've watched the video over 20 times myself, because we show it everywhere we go! It carries such a sweet, peaceful spirit with it. It's so much better than tracting, haha :)

It's also funny that you talked about involving family with investigators because we started to with our main progressing investigator this week, and now her sister and her niece want to learn more! The niece wants to be baptized right away, but we have to teach her first, haha :) Her sister has a lot of changes she'll need to make, but she wants her kids around us as much as possible so we'll take that and run with it. Its cool to see how much an impact the gospel really does on families!
ZTM went really well--the Spirit was really strong while we instructed. The missionaries who bore their testimonies were such examples of power and strength to me. I always grow more from what I teach than anyone else, I think!
We talked about how Christ really is our reason for everything, not just for the Christmas season. He is my Motivator, my Cornerstone, my Solid Ground. Without Him everything crumbles.


Sister Cassidy Steele

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