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Monday, January 12, 2015

12/16/14 For the First Time In Forever

I'm getting what I'm dreaming of...
A chance to stay companions
A chance to be normal
Don't know if I'm elated or panicked
But I'm somwhere in that zone! 
For the first time in forever......
I won't be alone :)
Yeah.........while I haven't seen Frozen, I might or might not know the entire soundtrack by heart :) One day, one day I will see this movie :)
I'm not getting transferred.
I'm in my last transfer
I'm trying not to freak out :)
Um. Let's go through the week I guess!

Monday: Party for pday! We had zone pday and it was a blast :) Then we went to a member's house and made cookies and had dinner and we were going to go caroling but it got too late :) So much fun :) one of the best days on my mission. Also, we practiced a whole lot for a musical number e fowler (who got transferred to the zone from prairieville) and I were performing on Wednesday.

most of the pictures of this week are action shots of people yall don't know so I figured I'd at least throw in one.
Tuesday: We did the blazin' challenge at Buffalo Wild wings. I don't actually have pictures of that but  I will next week, they're on another elder's camera. It was a bit of a letdown because it wasn't as spicy as I expected them to be. FYI, I am no super super into spicy :)

Wednesday: Specialized training!!! I got to see my baton Rouge peeps. And sing with Sister Hoskins for a last minute second musical number! The first one went better though because somehow in the 15 minutes in between them I managed to develop a really stuffy nose. That's okay, we still did it! We also went caroling and wrapped presents for the Hammond ward's giving tree. I earned the title secret agent elf :)
Thursday: I don't even remember Thursday. I was in a funk so I don't really know what we did. Missionary work, I assume. Oh! and we helped a less active move and had dinner at one of my favorite member's houses! (planners are useful if you look at them, haha :) ) We watched Joy to the World and He is the Gift.

Friday: Oh! We went on exchanges. We got up super early and drove to McComb, Mississippi! I almost kept going to Natchez....I might next time (with permission of course!) we did a whole lot of service (my kidn of day) and went caroling! after the other sisters got there we ended up getting a 4 part harmony going! It was a blast. The spirit was so strong.

Saturday: Drove BACK to McComb leaving at 6 AM (one of the sisters had the ACT so we had to get her back up there) adn then the hammond sisters' investigator got baptized this week! and then promptly volunteered to be hammond ward's first black woman santa :) we got invited to the party, I organized a musical number for the baptism, and we just had fun :) 

Sunday: Church was great! you guessed it....I sang again. And then we actually got studies, and went to see our investigators....y'know, normal missionary stuff. Then we went to dinner and surprised the denham springs sisters by going to their musical fireside! It was really well done :)

(the man in the background is a member of our stake presidency haha)

Then yesterday we did service and tried not to be antsy but that didn't work (it didn't help that we were stuck in traffic for about 40 minutes because a chemical tanker overturned!) But we got the news and it was all good!
So now we are going to have another week! Then onwards and upwards and my last dang transfer!

Love yall!!
Sister Steele
214 E Church St
Hammond, LA 70401

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