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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween and Transfer Week November 4, 2014

Before I begin, yes, sister McEntire is getting transferred. apparently I'm a hard companion to keep since this will be my 6th companion in 6 transfers!! I think my companion is going to be Sister Monk. It's either that or I go into a salt and pepper (english/spanish) companionship with a sister named sister black. both of them are super sweet though.I just am not super happy Sister McEntire is leaving!
Also! Happy November :)
So....what happened this week? Let me think. I think I just told you the two highlights, but I'll go through the day.
Monday: We went and played dodgeball again...I am slowly but surely getting better! I took second place this time. Next week, you know I'm gonna win!! Also, we had dinner at our ward mission leader's house. He made us steaks as big as our dang plates! I thought I was gonna die it was so much food. Thanksgiving in Albany will be....well, interesting. I don't know how I'm going to eat that much food. Lots of prayer, I guess.

Tuesday: We didn't have district meeting because the Amite missionaries didn't have miles, but we did carve pumpkins and see a lot of people. Our pumpkin was quite excellent :) I mean, we weren't the ones who carved it because my artistic skill is lacking, but we got one of the zone leaders to carve it for us. It looked much better than anything I could have done.
Elder Watkins and our awesome pumpkin :)

​We also went on exchanges with the hammond sisters! That was fun :) I was with Sister Carpenter. She is such an awesome sister! We had a lot of fun and also we didn't have to pack a suitcase since we live in the same house! (Neither of them are getting transferred.) I have really enjoyed being an STL this transfer. It's helped me grow a lot more than I ever expected. Also, it keeps me busy and helps me make more friends which are added bonuses!!
We finished exchanges and then had to go on the hunt for another halloween costume! I don't know why, but we decided we were going to be something different :) So, we found these beauties :)
(Us, elder Hacking, Elder Larkin and our investigator K)
And went and helped out set up the halloween party for the ward! That was a lot of fun :) it was great to see the little kids in their costumes!
yes. I was a shark.

Thursday: We actually worked. Amazing, right? we saw a lot of people and got a lot of work done! (Okay, we're pretty good at working, it just doesn't seem like it sometimes. We taught 20 lessons this week which counts for something!) We even did weekly planning. So that was pretty impressive.
Friday: Halloween. We worked most of the day, and then we had to either be in by 6 or have an appointment, so we had a member throw a going-away party for Elder Hacking (he goes home Wednesday). It was super fun! We played pictionary and one of the members had little games that she totally rigged so the sisters would win :) but we won pictionary fair and square! Apparently I'm good at that one, too. I just start throwing out words and then one of them is the right one eventually!
Saturday we had a multi-cultural event in Denham Springs, that I finally got to use my German because we did a musical number in a bunch of different languages! I have been looking for a way to use it for a while now, so that was fun :) We sang "I am a child of God" in French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese and Sister Carpenter did it in sign language. It was a really good devotional. I enjoyed it! Also, watching one of the Fijian elders dance was pretty great :) I also have that one on video but I can't send it :( Oh well.
Sunday: Despite being here for a transfer, I got asked if I was new, a visa waiter, or on exchanges at least 5 times on Sunday. That was interesting. I think it's because the elders have been switching up so much that they just assumed I was too. But now they won't because...well, I'm taking over. I would have rather kept it the way it was, though!
Monday: We did a lot of service and then the transfer calls came in.....we were really surprised and I'm fairly sure I went through all 5 stages of grief. It felt like someone died and I was NOT happy about it. So we spent the rest of the night saying goodbye.
Now we have ANOTHER new adventure. Onwards and upwards, I guess! I'm always ready for another adventure :)
Love y'all!!!! take care and I'll talk to you in a week :)
Sister Steele

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