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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First email from the MTC

HI everyone

What a crazy week. I know you got a letter from me on Monday but SO much has happened since then! First things first.
1. Can you send me a calling card for the airport? Our flight leaves I think at 6:40 on Tuesday morning, so I could call from either Salt Lake and wake you up (we leave the MTC at 2:30 AM) or in Dallas a few hours later. Respond probably with a letter with your preference.
2. When I get to Louisiana and get my physical address, can you send me my purple high tops? I miss them.
You can put this in my blog if you'd like :)

3. ITS HARRY POTTER DAY, STAND UP AND SHOUT HOORAY :) I'm wearing my ravenclaw shirt and its pretty awesome. I get another half hour to email later today when I'm going to try and upload some photos. 
SO! I don't actually remember what I've told you, but I am so glad I get to go to Louisiana so soon! this time next week I will BE THERE!! And be very tired. But! I have had a lot of super spiritual experiences especially yesterday. I don't even know where to begin!
 My district is crazy and amazing, I love it :) There are 7 of us going to Louisiana, 3 sisters and 4 elders, and then 4 going to Winnipeg, Canada, 2 sisters and 2 elders. Oy! there's so much to say and so little time to say it! I will share one experience (Also, I probably won't be able to email next week since we leave Tuesday and my pday in the mtc is wednesday and my pday in the field is monday. Anyways! One experience, out of many.

So yesterday I was really struggling to feel the Spirit, feeling super inadequate and just not finding a way to help my investigators (we were roleplaying with some of the teachers on how to explain about the Book of Mormon) and I just was getting completely destroyed by Satan. Like, near tears. So I prayed during a break and just kind of asked for help and humility and just kind of talked to Heavenly Father, instead of always asking for things. We had a lesson about 20 minutes later, and we prayed before for humiltiy. We went in, and the Spirit was THERE! Like, we were asking inspired questions, she had done what we asked her to and had received an answer to her prayer and had started to understand!!! We didn't have problems in transitions (I'm in a trio) and she prayed at the end for the first time and prayed to know the book of mormon was true! It was really an incredible experience. I am SO happy we had the Spirit, because it could have gone a lot differently.

We are also teaching a man named Carlos, and dare I say he is a golden investigator. He has an honest desire to know, and asked questions and really just wanted to find the truth. He said the closing prayer the FIRST LESSON (unlike our other investigator, who we just got to say the closing prayer yesterday, which was our fourth lesson with her) and has already accepted our invitation to read the book of mormon and pray about it! I am so pumped to get into the field!

The devotional yesterday was amazing. We had an emeritus seventy come and speak, and he spoke about giving our whole selves to the mission. This was part of it, and I agree with it and am going to make it my motto
"My ancestors the pioneers did hard things. I will too. They gave their all. I will too. They hit the trail running for Zion. I will get off the plane running and will not stop until my mission is done."

Church is true! Love you, miss you, you can respond and I will have another half hour in the evening to respond and a few more minutes here!!


PS I have seen SO many people in the last 48 hours! I saw Elder Lamb (he's doing well), and then Elder Stephenson who I've seen everywhere (Ryan Stephenson from Madrigals) Andrea Thomson who you don't know but she was in LDV with me and was and EFY counselor down her in provo, Emily King (she's going to Poland and says to tell Katie hi) and Elder Stuart (Also from LDV).
Peace love and blessings! Write me letters!!

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  1. AHHHHH So great to hear from her! I'm going to have to write her soon!