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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Last Week of October! October 27, 2014

Shoot! this month (and transfer!) have gone by SO FAST. That's right folks, transfers are next week. Now before y'all get all freaked out, yes, it was a short transfer--it was 5 weeks instead of 6. it's kind of crazy! I think myself and Sis McEntire are staying (at least.....I sure hope so!) though, the last while of my mission I haven't been able to keep companions very long at all! If one of us does get transferred it will be my 6th companion in 6 transfers and that would just be sad.
Let's see...this week was pretty good! We had no meetings outside of district meeting this week, so that was super nice. No instructions to prepare :) But we did have two exchanges this week AND the elders got sick so that was no fun. We went to the Denham wards' trunk or treat with the other Sisters, dressed up as.....that's right.

we went as elders :)

​pretty much we went as the elders who converted an old lady, her granddaughter (who's mother died) and their pet cat :)

That was the most interesting thing that happened this week! Aside from that, we:
Played dodgeball again....which I get better at by the week
Had a birthday party for one of the zone leaders and had a BIKE DAY for the first time in 4 months! I was so excited :)
Went on an adventure to Tickfaw state park while we had an extra 20 minutes before a dinner appointment and no one else even remotely in the area

Helped set up an egyptian exhibit at a local school on exchanges and got my name written in a cartouche (whatever that is)
Helped with the Primary Program!

Actually, Sister McEntire helped with the primary program. I got sick with whatever the elders had on Saturday and so I laid in bed and slept for about 2 days straight. All is well now though :)
So yeah....this week is transfers, which means you won't hear from me until Tuesday. I think we're pretty safe but everything with transfers is a gamble!
I hope everything's going well back home. I love and miss yall and hope to hear from you one of these days!
Love y'all!
Sister Steele

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