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Friday, August 8, 2014

Humility and Patience July 21st

This week was both really frustrating and really good! Every single day this week, as we walked out of the apartment to go something our plans would fall through. It was really frustrating and I had to keep reminding myself that I am working on patience and Sister Stephens is working on humility as our Christlike attributes. But! Thursday we met this media referral (as in someone wnet online and requested that we go visit them) and he had a ton of his friends over. He was really looking for some financial help, so we couldn't help him too much there. We thought it was going to be a bad time, but it turned out that we were led there so we could meet Kalen. I love where it says in Preach My Gospel that "perhaps you have been led to this person because someone else in the home or neighborhood is ready for the gospel." I've really found that to be true. Kalen came to church this week, only 3 days after we met her! It was a really powerful testimony that God prepares people to be in the places they are at the times they are.

Something I've began to discover, especially here in the south is that the only way we can even teach people is if they have a spiritual need. Like King Lamoni needed to relieve his feelings of guilt, I noticed especially with Kalen that she has a need, and that need makes her teachable. It's all over in the scriptures. When we're teachable, we're willing to learn and trust and change. But most of the people we see, the ones we think are "ready-made Mormons" (as in the amazing Baptists, Catholics, and Pentecostals we get to work with) are the ones who are comfortable where they are. It's those who are seeking for something more that we're able to reach and teach. I can count on on hand throughout my entire mission the number of investigators who have been above the poverty line. They are sincere about wanting to change and I love them so much and want them to be happy, and I know that the gospel can make them happy. Kalen has recognized her need and is now willing to listen--and act. it's a cool experience to have.
Also. I LOVE the Book of Mormon. Seriously. It has given me so much comfort and counsel in the last week. It really is the word of God. If you need help, go to the scriptures. They will lead you where you need to go.
We got to eat dinner with the Alexandria missionries this week because they had MLC (Missionary leadership council), so I saw Elder Virgin, Elder Ware, and Sister Ogden. It was SO nice to see them but also hard to say goodbye. Hopefully Elder Virgin and Ryan, as well as Elder Castro and Sister Hoskins will be coming down for Becky's temple date, but I have missed them a lot. It's hard being isolated from old friends, and it's even harder knowing that everyone is starting to go home.
Let's see. We have exchanges this week, which means that Sister Lindstrom and I get to celebrate our year mark together! That's gonna be fun. It rained a lot this week and so it's super humid but in the low 90s so it's not unbearable.
Also, I have found that I really love running. We run for half an hour in the mornings now and it's super addictive! I'm excited to be addicted to something other than sleep :)
Um! I think that's it for this week. Kalen was really the only big news.
Good quote, though: We got told we have a free ticket to heaven by a drunk woman who just had told us to never come back to her house. That was fun. And she was an assignment from the stake president. That was even more awkward.
We don't get our whole pday today because there's an 18 year old member from Utah who was in a really bad car accident a few weeks ago down here and is in the hospital, so we're going to see her today with our Relief Society president. Other than that we don't have anything interesting going on today!
Hope yalls day/week goes well! Good luck Katie with your farewell! Send me a copy of your talk!
Love you! To the two siblings who I hope still get my letters, hello! I hope everything is going well for you. I assume I would have heard if it wasn't.
The church is true, the book is blue!
THE Sister Steele (for now)

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