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Friday, August 8, 2014

A week in the Life of a Missionary July 28th

This week we didn't really do a ton. Okay, we did but my life is normal to me now and so the things that might be interesting to you aren't super interesting to me! Sorry. I'm just going to give you my journal entries, how about that?
Now that I have officially been out a year, I got 2 emails from people who haven't written me my entire mission :) My theory was correct. Even though I have another like week before my actual 6 month mark. And another few weeks before transfers. But I was confused for abit why yall were concerned about the 24th (I always count the 6th as my year mark becuase that's when my 18 months or 13 transfers started) and then I realized that when I was gone, I was gone for you. If that makes sense. So if I didn't make a big deal this week, it's because it's not a full year yet for me. I was still in the MTC this time last year. And I don't really count those 12 days :)
Anyways. onwards and upwards.
"I don't even remember much of today. District meeting got pushed to 11:30. When we got there, the zone leaders were there because they were doing exchanges with our district leader, and the Assistants were on exchanges too. Elder Rodgers (Green-tastic!) was there with the zone leaders because his companion was at a doctor's appointment. Even though there was a zillion people there, it was actually pretty fun. We made "missionary kits" and roleplayed giving them out. They were basically tools we could give to members to be member-missionaries. [pass-along cards, a Book of Mormon, Restoration pamphlet, etc]. Had to call Elder Mecham by his first name in the roleplay. that was strange.
 After District meeting, we went to sSubway and then to get frozen yogurt. I was so happy :) It was a lot of fun, and we told first/worst date stories.
We saw Mama and Mame, who we invited to church (mame was less crazy than normal today), and then went to the Fitts for dinner. We had some Danish thing with meat and cabbage which I can't remember the name of. Then we went over to the Putnams for the rest of the night. I think they're my Baton Rouge family. We just got talking and it was so much fun!"
"Exchanges were today! It was my first time in a year I have been in a trio. sister Lindstrom and I were on exchanges and Sister Paige tagged along. She's fun to be around, and it was a good day. she's only with us for the day, though.
We went over to see Kelly and Brother Shute, and taught the full restoration to Kelly. She took it really well!
We tried to contacct a lot of people then and no one was home, but we saw Lindsay and Ms BJ briefly. Then we grabbed dinner at sonic and went to Jackie's, where we talked about family history. The Spirit was so strong as we talked about the Spirit world. It's funny, because with all the times I've struggled with my testimony in my life, I have never ever had a problem or a question or a doubt about the Spirit world. I KNOW it's real. I know that those on the other side are getting taught the gospel. It's so cool :)
After we saw Jackie we went to the ward party. It was pretty fun, even if as missionaries we were not able to do a ton (ie there was dancing involved). Then we played some strange game called Pioneer Squares, which was like tic tac toe with trivia and people are the game board. We saw the stake president and his wife sing in a western accent and that was funny, then we headed home. elder Griffin broke a broom playing stick pull. shattered it, actually."
"Happy year mark! It was an...interesting day.
Exchanges are always fun and apparently when the two of usa re in my area, we always get lost. Out of the year I've been out, I have served around sister Lindstrom all but one transfer. And out of the 7 exchanges I've been on, 4 of them have been with Sister Lindstrom. I never thought that would happen. But anyways, we drove around for probably an horu and a half trying to find this person...we were even using a GPS! It was way the heck out in St. Gabriel (which is right by the levee [the border of our area] so it's justified.) We found him, nut he wasn't home and so we had a 3 minute conversation with his wife.
We saw Monica, a less active who was really excited to have us come by. A little too excited, really. We're unsure of her motives.
We saw Roberta, taught part of the plan of salvation, and ate Chinese at Sister Welch's with Tiger Bend. We came home and planned and that was the end. So not really that exciting. Except we did have to reschedule a dinner appointment with a General Authority [we have a member of the Seventy in our ward] because our Stake President invited us over first."
Well, today was also interesting. Mostly the end. We did switch back, and went to lunch with the STLs at IHOP [talk about acronyms, goodness]. We met this kid (well, adult) Alex, who's mom was a member but lost her testimony on her mission to France. He;s agnostic. I felt so sad for him and his mom. But liunch was good. We came home and I got a card from Mom, Dad and Katie wishing me a happy year mark. It was a monkey riding an ostrich. That's pretty epic [the card is in my journal now]. Anyways, We saw Ms Conny and Ms BJ, and committed them to read and come to church.
We went to dinner at the Jolivettes, and had Pizza and talked about eternal families. The Spirit was so strong you could cut it with a knife. Man.
We came home from the jolivettes with the intent to weekly plan, but we were ahving crazy mood swings so we got shakes from sonic and regretted it. Came home, planned, and went to bed. Definitely regret tthat shake.
...what just happened? The weirdest breakfast of my wholl mission, that's for sure. Thus I am writing now at 9:35 AM lest I forget.
So we get up and have coordination with the elders (Fitts went out of town) at McDonalds [It's the end of the month. Most everyone is broke.] Fisrt off, we went to the wrong Mickey D's so we had to backtrack like 5 miles (grr) to the one on Jones Creek. I order my breakfast and we're eating and coordinating when this old lady comes up and hugs me. She says 'I thought I would never see you again!' I have no idea who she is. No. Clue. she just starts talking about cooking, and looks at Elder Griffin and stops and says [I can't get the vocal expression, so you're just going to have to do your best] Hello. Hellllooo. Helllllllloooooo." Totally checks him out. Totally hitting on him. She's like 70. Then out of the blue [I repeat, we are in the middle of McDonald's] puts her hands on her hips and starts singing Whitney Houston. So confusing. She talks about how her husband talks all the time and when he comes up he;s like dead silent. So they go and sit down and Sister Stephens bursts out laughing. So hard that somoen else comes up to her and says 'thanks for making me smile. your laugh made my day. Now I get to go make people miserable!' The. Weirdest. Breakfast. Ever.
Well, the rest of the day went pretty well. We came back and did studies, then went ot a seafood place for lunch with a member. I had catfish and etoufee. I didn't think I would like catfish when I cam down here, but I also didn't think I would say yall/ We see how well that went. We saw Esther and read about enoch, then went to the Putnams and picked up McKayla. She came out with us as we blew like 40 miles and ended up only teaching Ms April, Gene's neighbor [like 3 miles from where we started]. But it was a really powerful lesson and the Spirit was super strong!
We dropped McKayla off and went inside for a bit...which turned out to be 2 hours and a dinner later. I shared Elder Virgin's hair story with McKayla and Meaghan. We had grilled chicken and corn on the cob with baked beans.
We came back and finall weekly pl,anned. It was definitely a good, exhausting, and crazy day! I don't know if I coudl describe it any better.
Man alive, what a day. Actually it wasn't terrible so why did I just write that? Church went pretty well today, really! people spoke on service and the sacrament. BJ was there! We taught relief society on Elder Bednar's talk "Bear Up their Burdens with ease". IT turnde out pretty well.
We came home and slept for a bit, then we went to go see Lee in the nursing home and Mama and Mame again. Mame wasn't qutie as tame this time, but it was still nto the worst I've seen her. She's crazy. We went to the Stake President's for dinner (yum!) and shared a message about patience, That was it!! What a week.
So that was my week. Everything's going pretty well right now. Still adjusting to life in the city, and I still miss having a small ward. but if I had to choose a ward to be in, this would be it.
Let's see. This week we finalyl get to go to the temple with Becky. I am so excited. Like, this day has been my sanity for the last while. Since we foudn out about it. I am freaking out a little bit.
President Hansen is still adjusting to life, but he's doing well. He's got 6 kids and the last 2 are in college at BYU. So it's just him and his wife. But it's still weird to be in his ward.
I think that's it...I cant' think of anything else to add. Good luck at NARAM, dad! Tell everyone hello. And good luck as Katie prepares to leave!
Love yall!
Sister Steele

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