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Friday, August 8, 2014

New Transfer, New Faces July 14th

Hello there! hope everyone is doing well this fine July. This week was crazy, as all weeks in the mission are. I think it will be an interesting transfer, but Sister Stephens and I get along just fine :) I actually knew her before because she was in the Alexandria Zone before I got transferred. She was in the district with Elder Virgin last transfer so we have all the same friends :) and for once, Katie didn't know her before I did! (Since that's happened with the last two companions).
We were super busy with lessons this week, but I think it's the first time my whole mission we didn't do any service. I was a little sad by that :( No one came to church of our investigators, but we did have a really good success with one of our investigators doing the Stop Smoking workshop! It was cool because Sister baird and I had been prepping for it, and then Sister Stephens got here and it turns out that they were going to to it for someone that week too! So we were both prepped for the workshop and it went realyl really well. He's still goign strong!
While there was a lot of lessons etc, there's not realyl anything interesting for me to say. Aside from this:
1. I got to see all my friends this week at transfers aside from Sister Hoskins (Elder V had to drive the Alexandria elders down), Elder Castro is training, Elder Ryan got transferred and the STLs from Alexandria got changed around. So it was awesome!
2. BECKY IS GOING THROUGH THE TEMPLE ON THE 26TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I still get to be there for it!! I am SO SO SO excited.
3. We get to help out with youth conference this week! it will be fun :)
4. Interviews are this week so we really get to get to know President Hansen. Plus we get a temple trip tomorrow night! Yay!
Alright, I think that's it for the family email....hopefully yall have a great week! Love ya! 
Sister Steele

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