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Friday, August 8, 2014

Changing of the Guard: A New Mission President June 30th

This has been one of the weirdest weekends ever. Not because anything super unusual happened, but because all the usual things are happening, just under a different mission president. President Hansen got here on Saturday night and came to church on Sunday. When we came up and introduced ourselves, Sister Hansen hugged us and just started to tear up, saying "finally there is someone I can hug!". The next thing she asks us is if she could come out teaching with us. Sister Baird and I looked at each other and said sure, she definitely could! We couldn't tell her when or where, because...well we didn't have any appointments et up. So we might have been a bit irreverent while ward business was going on and texted several people to set up some appointments (since unfortunately they weren't in church). But it worked, and we went and saw a recent convert who hasn't been back to church since her baptism about 2 months ago....awkward.  But it was really good. Sister Hansen did well, and it was really clear that she was overwhelmed and missed her family. So I think sister Baird and I are going to be a bit of a lifeline for a her for a while.
No, we didn't get 50 lessons this week, we were super wiped and last pday wasn't exactly relaxing. We got 24, which is still better than any other week in Vidalia, but we had to sort of regain our speed. With the Assistants gone all the time for the next month and the Tiger Bend Elders on bikes, we sort of are single covering an entire ward. It's super busy and fun, but also super exhausting. So we're going to try and stick between 20 and 30 lessons for the next little bit until things start to slow down with the Assistants. Elder Griffin goes home in August so after that we should be a little less busy.
Umm...what happened this week? We picked up a few new investigators! And I'm slowly but surely getting better at volleyball. We play on Saturday nights. We have zone conference this week, transfers next week, and interviews after that!
Sorry. I'm a bum when it comes to emailing. As for the 4th, we don't have any set plans. We might be going over to some members but we're not sure which ones yet. We'll go somewhere. But it is a proselyting day, so we do have to at least do a little work.
Love yall!

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