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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Labor Day Letter

Hope everything is going well this week! It'll be a little different labor day thanks to the lack of a pool, but are you still having the party? Let everyone know I miss them.
Sorry for the jumbled email last week--I ended up writing a really long letter to President and had less than 10 minutes to write y'all (yes. I say y'all. I've been in the South too long.). But my brain is also a little fuzzy this week, but I will still attempt to write a coherent email.
But first things first, this week's round of "Strange things you learn in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission!"
Ants die if you put them in the freezer.
Also, there's a multi-millionaire bull rider who lives in our district. I didn't even know that there were such things as multi-millionaire bull riders. No, I'm not going to go ask him to start me out on the little bulls. :) We'll leave him to the elders.
This week was an interesting week, though not quite as finding focused as last week. This one was more service focused--we did about 25 hours of service, which if you calculate out that we leave the house at 11 and get back in at 9, its over 2 full days worth of service. We painted and cleaned and did a whole lot of dishes and are watching our landlady's dog while she's away with her son and daughter in law for their third child. The dog's name is Mia, and she's tiny enough that half the time I accidentally call her Molly. I think she's a chiuaua? Not sure.
Um, let's see. We have possibly another new investigator this week, we have to go back on Wednesday to see her. She's super sweet and lives about 10 miles away from us, so the amazing new bike seat will be greatly appreciated.
Speaking of which, mother dearest, I did only ask to know how much they cost, silly. You didn't have to go get one :)
I am almost done with 1 Nephi, I have one or two more days and I'll be done. It's week 5--I've been out for almost a transfer in the field. It feels so much longer. Transfers are week 7, but we have zone training in Alexandria this week and then exchanges with the sister training leaders next Tuesday. For those of you who don't know mission lingo, exchanges are where you switch companions for a day with a leader so that they can evaluate your effectiveness.
Um...I don't know much else to say--Oh, I had to lead in sacrament this week. that was fun. And I think sister Jones and I are either speaking or doing a musical number this coming Sunday, which will also be fun.
Love you much!
Sister Steele

PS the care package was gratefully received--however it came while we were out so ants got into one of the cookie packages. No worries, however, because ants freeze and die if you put them in the freezer for like 10 minutes :) I made cookies today since we are using a member family's business computers. We got lunch at their house because they're amazing and dinner at another member family house today, so no I'm not going hungry. Also! If you want to make our standard cookie recipe in as low an elevation as we are, I had to add an extra half cup of flour to get it to stiffen enough to bake well. I don't know why, but it did work so I'll take it.

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