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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Return of the Machete Missionary Aug. 19th

I am more than a little bit bummed that Sister Stephens and I are being split up...again. It seems like I went from having the same companion for 6 months to driving off my companions every transfer! But I think I should have the next sister for 2, because she isn't even in louisiana yet...she's flying right now from where Katie is to where I am. Weird.
I brought very little with me to the library today becasue we're going to the Capitol building (it's the tallest in the US) (we had to be special somehow) so I have to sort of pull this week out of my head.
Monday: We played volleball at the church. as usual. Funny though--one of the members wanted to take us out for dinner and texted us and asked us where we wanted to go. Sister Stephens said "I really want to go to outback, but it's too expensive" so we put down "we're good with whatever you want!" Then he texted back "do yall like outback steakhouse?" we about died laughing.
tuesday: District meeting. I instructed on faith and commitment. It was alright, I guess. Commitment is so important to faith and that' s where I struggle a lot so it was really good for me to instruct on it. We got put on lockdown because Sister Stephens had the flu. For real.
Wednesday: Sister stephens was still sick. I about died of boredom. but I caught up on my journal!
Thursday: We broke free of our lockdown and saw a bunch of people. 8, to be exact. We taught our investigator L through a window #firsttimeforeverything and caught up on our numbers for the week.
Friday:We cleaned an older member's house. It was DISGUSTING. I have never seen black sludge actualyl growing in someone's fridge before. I think I disinfected myself like 6 times after we left. They were super grateful though :)
Saturday: 1 year from the first time I ever used a machete.....we do a service project and get to work with machete's again! And we took a picture of the people who were at the cemetary last year, and it was a surprising amount! 5 out of the 17 who are still out on missions. It would have been 6 but Elder Browning had to be at something for his ward so he wasn't at the servic project Also got into poison ivy again but I don't know how much. . Right now just a little bit. But the last time it took a week for the rash to show up, so we'll see. We were icky and gross and it was so much fun. We both got training calls and tried to figure out who was leaving and where.
Sunday: We had church, our strange less-active M came and it was....interesting. Not terrible, but definitely interesting. We had gumbo at a member's for lunch and talked a lot about missions since they have 2 twin girls who are working on their papers and got invited to FHE at another member's house.
Yesterday we went and said goodbyes to the people we love :) then it's time to pack and go!
I know. Worst email ever. Hna Steele totally has me beat. But my brain is fried because transfer week is super stressful and I stress too much anyways. Forgive me *grovel grovel grovel*
I don't have a ton else to say. I know this chruch is true and I love it! I love being a missionary even if it means having to say the hardest goodbyes of your life. Good thing there's no such thing as a permanent goodbye. But they still stink.
Anyways! Love yall! Sorry this is short.
Sister Steele

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