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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Revenge of the Poison Ivy Part 3 Aug 25th

Can I just say I am really really grateful poison ivy isn't as common out west? Because it STINKS. No, it doesn't really. You can't smell it. But it is no fun whatsoever. I would send you a picture but my legs and arms look gross so yeah. It's not a horrible reaction compared to others, but I have patches of poison ivy rash all over my legs...and my arms....and my neck...back behind my ears...and my shoulders. Note to all who do yardwork in humid climates: BEWARE THE FUZZY VINE. it makes you VERY ITCHY. It's been a really long time since I've been around a greenie. I mean, I've been around second transfer greenies a little bit, but first day, first transfer greenies? Especially coming from another old fart like me? It was definitely an adjustment and continues to be. I have to scale down my mission talk and explain a lot more, and while I'm grateful for this opportunity, it's definitely different. I LOVE Sister Ririe. But I DO miss Sister Stephens. 1 transfer is nowhere near long enough to be companions. But, she was needed in Amite and I was needed here, so I'll just have to buckle up and start again.
Let's see....we went to the capitol building for pday. That was a lot of fun. The STLs came with us so we had a grand old time. The picture attached is from the top of the capitol building--it's the tallest state captiol in the US. But it's pretty awesome and a really good view.
PS,Dad will be pumped for this: We are currently planning on moving one of our pdays to a Saturday so we can go to an LSU football game! We got permission from Pres Hansen so we might be going to the LSU-New Mexico State game! If we held out...and had enough money we could go to the Ole Miss or the Bama game...but those tickets are like $300 a seat. So...2 months worth of allotment? Eh.....better not. I wish, though. We're gonna use it as a contacting opportunity. So freaking pumped!
This week we saw a lot of members and introduced Sister Ririe to the ward. We're working through the members and asking for referrals through them. Sorry, now I'm distracted because I was helping my district leader pick out tickets. We're going to work super hard this week!
Let's see....we didn't get kidnapped, Ty is now home, Sister Stephens has a transfer left. BUT! Sister Hoskins went STL to Baton Rouge, whcih means we get to go on exchanges with each other!!!!! I am so excited.  I'm still super distracted....sorry.
I'm trying to think of anything interesting from this week.
We have this part member family, the C family who just moved into the ward. Well, the mom and the kids are active, but the Dad is Catholic. He's been taught everythign and he knows its true, but he just can't let go of some of his past mistakes. But we went over on Thursday and taguth him and his family, and I just had another one of those feelings like this was a person I had promised to help before this life! We had just come from another appointment where I had felt the same way. I'd been struggling to figure out why I was here, and back to back I found two of my reasons. We're inviting him to be baptized the 27th of September! We just gotta pray that he gets Sundays off with is work. He's about as LDS as a non-LDS man can be :) We're really excited for them.
Anyways! That's pretty much it for now. Love yall a ton! Write me letters!
Sister Steele

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