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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

August 4th

Sorry this will be a short one--there's not a ton to report. We were sick off and on this week with a bug going around so we didn't get a whole lot of work done. We're doing better now, but it does mean there's not much to say. Mostly we just slept and watched Mormon Messages.
Transfers are next week--while I think/hope/pray we're staying together, no promises. With President Wall I would almost bet on us staying together because sister Stephens goes home next transfer, but for right now I'm not so sure. She could stay and train her last transfer and I could leave. or she could get transferred to double open an area and train and I could train too. We have no idea. I'll let you know next Tuesday.
Um...Sister Weidmann left back for temple square this week--it was a very sad day :( We're going to party in Switzerland when I get back. Sister Baba is currently in Plaquemine, but usually the temple square sisters get moved at transfers. Plus, they might double transfer out the Plaquettes and possibly close the area. We're not sure, though. Lots of stuff has to happen this transfer because we have 21 missionaries going home and 29 new missionaries. Crazy crazy crazy. elder Allred got moved to Zachary so now we have Elder Brimhall. And Elder Griffin goes home next week so we'll have a new assistant as well. So hopefully Sister Stephens and I are staying!
Wednesday we got to go to breakfast with the Alexandria missionaries---it was SO nice seeing them. I miss my friends up north! We ate at IHOP and then they had a meeting at the mission home. good times. Sister Baird was also down for the meeting and then she and her companion and another set of sisters stayed the night at our place, meaning very little sleep went on. Which is probably why we got sick....oh well.
We had a cool experience this week with a recent convert. She is actually from Arizona and is Navajo. We've been teaching her the new member lessons and trying to get her to come back to church (long story). We finished up the plan of salvation and started talking a bit about temples, when I felt like that was the tie back we needed to get her to come to church. I found out that the reason she hadn't been reading the book of Mormon was because it was hard for her to understand in English, so we offered to order her one in Navajo! She was so excited (as was the senior sister in the office) and gave the closing prayer in Navajo. That was one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard.
I think that was the most interesting thing I have to say for this week. I'm still a little sleepy, if I sound weird in my email. This week should be good, though! Looking forward to it.
Love yall!
Sister Steele #1

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